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Building a Dynamic Business ScorecardBuilding A Dynamic Business Scorecard

Suggested Audience: General managers, CFO's and other finance managers, CIO's and IS managers, quality managers, sales and marketing managers, HR managers, consultants

No doubt about it. The Balanced Business Scorecard is a hot item in business circles, with over 60% of major companies claiming to have at least one. However, when you look carefully at this phenomenon you find that few scorecards are fully operational and performing as intended.

Many scorecards suffer from three issues: 

  1. problems associated with the standard 4-box scorecard model used by many organizations, 
  2. a suboptimal development process and 
  3. inadequate implementation planning.

This one- to two-hour presentation offers up a better mousetrap: the Dynamic Business Scorecard (DBS). The DBS and its development process were designed explicitly to avoid the difficulties associated with the Balanced Scorecard.

Topics covered may include: 

The history of performance measures and the scorecard 
Why a scorecard makes sense for virtually any organization 
The standard 4-box model and its deficiencies 
Alternative scorecard models 
The logic of a dynamic approach to business scorecards 
The development process and implementation planning 
Scorecard components and definitions 
The two "Ahas": the DBS as a strategic planning and management system 
New developments and trends in performance measurement

Typically, Dynamic Business Scorecard workshops are five days in length with a one-week or longer break after the third day. This workshop is geared to creating a working scorecard and implementation plan for an organization, and requires the participation of the organization's senior leadership for at least two days. One-day and half-day educational versions are also available.


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