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A happy customer increases profitsHearing and Heeding the Voice of the Customer

Suggested Audience: General managers, marketing and sales managers, marketing research professionals, customer service and consumer affairs specialists

Over the past decade "Customer satisfaction" has been one of the most popular catch phrases in the business lexicon. It has also been one of the most abused and wrong-headed.

This presentation begins with the idea that the purpose of business is not simply to make customers happy, but to turn a profit at the end of the day. "Customer satisfaction" is at best a predictor of business results, and often it is not a very good one. The second key idea is that getting data is less than half the battle. Many companies gather lots of customer data, but find that most of it goes to waste. The real challenge lies in persuading the organization to use the "voice of the customer" and thereby to improve business results.

Audience members will learn the steps in a superior customer research program. Examples of action-oriented data exhibits are provided along with tactics for stimulating improvement activities. Where appropriate, case studies or examples from the audience's industry may be used. Hearing and Heeding the Voice of the Customer is typically a one-hour presentation with Q&A.

Topics covered may include: 

Who is the customer? 
The customer satisfaction fallacy 
A three-step strategic research process 
Customer expectations mapping 
A better route to customer segmentation 
Action-oriented data displays 
Value propositions 
Moving from data into action

Voice of the Customer workshops vary from one-half day to five days in length and are generally aimed at developing or improving practitioner skills. Modules include: 

Conducting Focus Groups 
Developing and Administering Questionnaire Surveys 
Interviewing and Observational Skills 
Analyzing and Reporting Data

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