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Customers are often fiercely loyal to their favorite products Customer Loyalty: Results of a National Survey of Consumers

Suggested Audience: General managers, marketing and sales managers, marketing research managers, customer service and consumer affairs specialists, consultants 

"Stand by Your Man!" That's what female country & western singers have been telling us for years. But who would have guessed that young adult women are often fiercely loyal to their cars…especially if the vehicle is a Chevy, Toyota, Honda or Nissan?

That is one of several conclusions reached in a National Survey on Customer Loyalty conducted by Performance Measurement Associates (PMA), a Boston area-based consulting company that specializes in the gathering of customer and employee information to help clients improve business results.

Five hundred people across the country were asked to nominate a brand, product or service they like and to indicate their level of loyalty to it. Some of the findings surfaced by the study were that: 

Baby boomers recommend their favorite products considerably more often than senior citizens 
Highly loyal customers would be willing to pay 45% more for their favorite brand of tennis shoes and up to 29% more for their favorite car 
Quality of the product or service is seen as the most important cause of loyalty; the perceived benefits of the product or service is the second most important cause 
Men report praising or recommending their favorite product or service to others 57% more often than women do

These findings and many more are detailed in a highly colorful, half hour presentation that encourages members of the audience to consider how they might apply the findings to their own business. The presentation also demonstrates the critical role customer loyalty plays in the financial health of companies.

This material readily lends itself for use in workshop formats where participants can: 

Consider the implications of customer loyalty for their own organizations 
Learn how research can be used to discover the determinants of customer loyalty for a given industry or company 
Develop "next step" plans to bring the loyalty concept into their organizations

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