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Dynamic Scorecard
Executive Alignment
Strategic Management
Voice of Customer


Strategic ConsultingStrategic Consulting

We partner with clients to design and implement Dynamic Business Scorecards, establish "voice of the customer" measurement systems, align leadership teams, develop customer value propositions, create strategic management systems, and convert research findings into action.

Dynamic Business Scorecard

The Dynamic Business Scorecard (DBS) is a logical, model-driven process that assures that results in a measurement system that can actually predict future bottom-line results.

Executive Alignment

Organizations can achieve results that individuals acting alone cannot. To be more than a set of disconnected individuals, an organization must attain alignment among its members regarding its strategic goals, and the organization methods used to achieve those goals. When alignment is weak, people wind up working at cross-purposes and actions become less effective. Our Executive Alignment Process has proven to be effective at helping companies implement their strategies and attain their strategic goals.

Strategic Performance Management

What are all the pieces that need to be in place to achieve optimal effectiveness? How should an organization set priorities among all the various initiatives that beg for attention? How should organizational performance be measured? We help clients reach definitive answers to these and similar questions. 

Voice of Customer and Employee Systems

We help clients design and implement ongoing measurement systems. Our focus is as much on the internal dissemination and use of information as it is on the collection of it.


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