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Satisfied employees creates positive growthHearing and Heeding the Voice of the Employee

Suggested Audience: General managers, human resource managers, internal and external organizational consultants, labor relations specialists

Once you have seen one employee survey, you have just about seen them all. Many seem to operate from a common set of questions, and even the results often seem about the same from company to company. Senior management is convinced that the scores should be higher, but just how much higher is anybody's guess. Middle managers are told to improve things in their areas of responsibility but are uncertain about what actions to take. Sound familiar?

This presentation argues for a radically different approach-one that begins by gathering a profile of the ideal employer from the employee point of view and that concludes with a process that guarantees the effective implementation of improvement plans.

A highly customized survey questionnaire is developed to measure the gap between the ideal and what employees perceive as the actual work environment. The survey also determines the elements of the work environment that drive employees' commitment to:

bullet Customers
bullet The job
bullet Personal development
bullet Superior financial results for the organization

The presentation then outlines a powerful method for actually creating positive organizational change, beginning with setting priorities and action planning. This is followed by a process to measure and strengthen the management team's alignment around the improvement plan. In turn, this leads to a process to enroll the entire employee population in the effort.

In the course of the presentation, the audience is treated to a logical sequence of actions that provides a provocative, refreshing and effective alternative to the "same old way we've always done it."


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