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Building a Voice of the Customer CapabilityBuilding a Voice of the Customer/Employee Capability

While some organizations prefer to contract out the various parts of a customer or employee measurement system, others prefer to manage some or all of the measurement functions internally. PMA is prepared to help clients determine how much, if any, of the research and measurement capability to outsource, and to help the client build the capability it desires to maintain. The following text applies equally to building a Voice of the Employee or a combined VOC/VOE capability.

Why Does It Matter? 

Creating and maintaining an in-house capability to conduct or manage sophisticated research and monitoring activities allows for a greater degree of control over results and flexibility. It also alleviates a need to become wedded to a particular vendor's methodologies, approach or philosophy.

How We Work 

We are completely flexible as to how we work with clients to develop their in-house capabilities. For a national credit rating service, for example, we delivered five-days of customer research training to fifteen of their in-house professionals. This enabled them to move ahead on their own. In another case, we worked with a senior level managerial task force at a large property and casualty insurance company to benchmark best practices at leading companies, and to design a detailed measurement systems architecture and implementation plan. A major business publishing house engaged us to not only work with their high level task force, but to demonstrate research methods and best practices by conducting a full cycle of research in partnership with them.

Whatever our client's preferences about how we work with them, we first learn as much as we can about their business, their situation and their needs. Then we review their existing  data and data collection methods, if any, so that we can build on what is already in place. Finally, we assess their processes for disseminating and using data, and their improvement systems and methodologies. We firmly believe that helping clients to use the information they are to collect is far more important than simply teaching them how to collect data.

We also typically teach or demonstrate our own proprietary methods such as expectations mining®, which is a highly specialized qualitative method used to gain a deep understanding of customers' and employees requirements, as well as highly useful but little known techniques as Zone of Tolerance exhibits. The combination of our advanced methods and best practice tours and studies assures clients of developing research processes that are both practical and leading-edge.


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