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Building a Strategic Management SystemBuilding a Strategic Management System

"Manage the cause, not the result." 
                                                    – W.E. Deming

Why Does It Matter? 

Studies show that few more than one executive team in ten spends more than one hour per month discussing strategy, and further that only 5% of workers understand their company's strategy. Moreover, very few executive teams think through how to manage to the strategy or even tie their budgets to it. Small wonder, then, that so many companies consistently fail to achieve their strategic goals.

How We Work  

We help our clients think through and reach consensus on how to systematically manage to the strategy. This process begins with a series of executive team workshops eventually by followed all-hands meetings and communications.

A series of key questions are posed: 

What is the organization's strategic direction, taking into account values, vision, mission, core capabilities, competitors and customers? 
What are the strategic and financial goals? 
How must customers behave in order for the organization to realize its goals? What is the customer value promise or promises? 
What are the business processes needed to create customer and stakeholder value, and at what level must they perform? 
How will organizational and individual performance be measured and rewarded? 
What are the organization's strategic enablers and how can they strengthened? This takes into account leadership, innovation, knowledge capital and technology.

The objectives of the process are first to develop a clear understanding of the organization's current state and future direction, and to align the entire organization around the direction. The second is to attain consensus and make decisions about critical issues around which little or no consensus currently exists. The third is to identify, develop and install needed organizational systems to support the implementation of strategy. The fourth is to identify and where necessary, develop the needed people skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Also, through its corporate relationships PMA can bring to the table on an as-needed basis the skills and capabilities of some of the world's leading providers of learning, market research and organizational change services.


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