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Are you interested in using facts and data to drive business results?

Performance Measurement Associates provides research and consulting services aimed at increasing customer loyalty, employee commitment, and organizational effectiveness. To this end, we can help you:

Build an ongoing research capability to capture and use insightful data.

Develop Dynamic Business Scorecards that can predict financial results.

Align leadership teams and develop a strategic management system in order to achieve organizational goals.

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Contact us when you want to:

  1. Learn exactly what your customers expect of you and your competition.
  2. Create a business scorecard to track performance and guide the organization.
  3. Determine how well you are performing relative to your customers' expectations.
  4. Develop a competitively superior value proposition.
  5. Measure and build strategic alignment within your organization.
  6. Establish a powerful strategic management system.
  7. Know what the drivers of loyalty are for your best customers.
  8. Understand the steps you must take to increase employee commitment.
  9. Develop an ongoing capability to track customer or employee satisfaction and loyalty.
  10. Determine how well you are performing relative to your competitors.
  11. Segment your customer base according to what customers value rather than by meaningless demographics.
  12. Win!




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