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Please read the description of the new product below, thinking of it in terms of your business and industry. Then click the pizza to take the 2-minute quiz. Your help will be appreciated.

Now You can have critical customer information for your business, which (up until now) was only available to the world's biggest companies

mart business owners and managers recognize the value of having accurate market and customer information at their finger- tips—and they often buy primary research data to support their decision making process. When you look at your own business, are you making decisions armed with the best information about your prospective customers’ wants, needs and expectations?

Companies on the Fortune 1000 list often spend six and seven figure sums to develop a deep understanding of customer expectations and buying behavior. Their deep pockets afford access to information that can provide these giant companies with a distinct advantage over smaller firms.

But suppose that for a fraction of the typical costs, any business could have the same sophisticated industry-specific customer data that the big guys spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to gather. And suppose, moreover, that this data could be packaged in easy-to-read and east-to-understand guides that showed business leaders exactly how to use the data to improve their market competitiveness and business results.

Well, suppose no more!

Performance Measurement Associates, Inc. can now provide you with industry-specific, highly readable and very usable customer research reports at exceptionally affordable prices.

This cost-effective solution will allow you to:

Hone your marketing and customer service strategies for optimal effectiveness
Build better customer relationships
Increase revenue and profits throughout the life of the customer relationship
Make better decisions and create action plans with confidence in the results

Research Reports Customized for Your Industry include:

  1. What your customers expect from you and your competitors, and what you therefore must deliver to remain competitive
  2. What you can do to build repeat sales and customer loyalty
  3. The collective strengths and vulnerabilities of the companies competing in your industry
  4. A questionnaire you can use to determine how you stand with your own customers (comes with complete instructions)
  5. The customer segments that exist within your industry, and the value each segment seeks
  6. How-to’s, including:
  • How to determine who your most profitable customers are
  • How to create a world-class customer value proposition, and why you should want to
  • How to set priorities and focus on key opportunities
  • How to align and motivate employees
  • How to use data to improve your business


Click the pizza to take our 2-minute quiz.

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