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Once you have seen one employee survey, you have seen just about all of them. Most appear to share the same set of questions, reflecting perhaps hoary tradition or a simple tendency to "copycat." Even results often seem about the same from company to company. Senior management is convinced that the scores should be higher, but just how much higher is anybody's guess. Middle managers are told to improve conditions in their areas of responsibility but are uncertain about what to do. Sound familiar?

Why Does It Matter? 

Advantage Management Systems reports that about one of every eight employees leave their jobs each year. Each replacement costs about $4000 just to hire and train, with the costs due to reduced customer service, productivity and quality amounting to far more. Moreover, many studies have amply demonstrated the profound relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Put simply, unhappy employees breed unhappy customers.

The easy answer is to throw money at problems by raising salaries and increasing benefits. But in fact, these expensive solutions often provide little or no benefit. The key is to turn to your own employees to find out what is needed to retain and continuously motivate your best people. That's where we come in.

How We Work 

We take a different approach-one that begins by gathering a profile of the ideal employer from the employee point of view and that concludes with a process that facilitates the effective implementation of improvement plans. Our research typically begins with expectations mapping which is a highly specialized qualitative method used to gain a deep understanding of employee wants and needs. Through interviews and focus groups we identify the issues that employees believe are obstacles to superior job performance. This information then helps us create a highly customized survey questionnaire that measures the gap between the ideal and what employees perceive as the actual work environment. The survey also measures and determines the elements of the work environment that drive employees' commitment to: 

their jobs 
personal development 
superior financial results for the organization

If you already possess appropriate customer research data, we can link those results with the employee data to provide a "total systems" view of the organization.

At the conclusion of the data gathering process we don't just hand you a report and disappear. Since we believe that information must be used in order to justify its costs, we facilitate action and implementation planning meetings of your leadership team to present results. We can also provide consultation and assistance with implementation, organizational change, internal communications, executive and employee alignment, and the development of ongoing tracking, measurement and research systems. And through our partner organizations we can provide access to an immense array of training programs, learning systems and tools, as well as to Future Search and other large scale planning and change methodologies.


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